On the subject of me


Together we create images that reflect your bond with your loved ones. We do this through play, through intimacy, through the use of movement and light.

I love to shoot in the early morning or before sunset, prioritising the softest light.

I am a little bit obsessed with the notion of the in between, the breath between moments creating as much emotion as either end.

A huge factor in capturing your connectedness is your ability to shake off any inhibitions; such as keeping your shoes clean or worrying about the wind. If you shoot with me, we embrace the elements and um also we have a LOT of fun.

I have a style based approach, meaning I shoot in the way that’s reflected on this website. If you vibe with this then chances are we’ll be a great fit. I offer family photography in Wellington, but am also happy to travel.

I don’t offer packages, there are no hidden costs. I have one all-inclusive price of $1,000 that covers everything. Click the button to get the low down!

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