On the subject of me


If you want soulful and gentle pictures, I love this. If you’re more into playful pictures, I also love this. If you want to take off the whole kit and caboodle then I definitely love this. I am a Wellington portrait photographer who loves using light and movement in an artistic way, to deliver you a set of images that make you feel.

Getting artistic portraits done with me will fill up both our buckets. We can shoot at an appealing location out and about or in your own home. I am a natural light photographer so am used to being adaptable. I love the challenge.

This shoot will be around an hour long. We will have a Zoom chat before hand to make sure we’re on the same page. I don’t believe in hidden costs so there is only one price that encompasses everything – however prints are purchased (and strongly recommended) separately. That price is $390. Click the link below to inquire.

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