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outside your comfort zone is where the magic lives

Or where it goes to die…you choose…anyway, this wellington couples’ photographer (lol) decided to try her hand at adventure photography YES THAT’S RIGHT – when adventure alludes you ’cause you’d rather be cuddled up at home with your dog and a good book, try photographing it instead! You need not be adventurous in order to SEEM TO BE adventurous! My husband would call that a ‘Woffolism or Woffalogic’ – you’re welcome.

My wonderful friend is a grown up and she has an almost grown up son. Or 2. But I just took one of them on this adventure with me. Or rather he let me photograph him doing cool stuff ok I’m waffling again – this is Micah!

We’re at the glorious Long Gully again, home to my sis who always lets me shoot there because where else do you get these stunning views along the South Coast of Wellington!?

Anyway – I had fun trying a new style of photography to enter images into Rubber Monkey’s challenge, organised alongside Jay French.

I feel like I’m learning that balance between imitating a style of photography to see if I can achieve it and applying my own style to a current style and not being afraid of that twist,,,

This shot was a throw back attempt – like an old school MTV flash photography skate magazine vibe. This was the only one that really worked out – I have only used the flash to get the dragging vibe for dance parties tbh – I am so far away from really knowing how to use it it’s not funny – and I had literally stopped off at Photo Hire to purchase some flash diffusers with Micah on the way to the location sooooo….it might start to make sense why only one shot worked out here.

Um yup I couldn’t NOT get this shot of a butterfly with the light and all the goodness…

This text is now sandwiched between my two favourite shots- the portrait one where you can’t even see him unless you look REAL close, and the gloriousness of riding into the sunset, not doing any tricks just riding.

Next up – adventure photography on film.

And as always – get in touch!

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