On the subject of me

banking your memories

I almost don’t have the words for this but go on then. We muddle through the incompetencies of language to describe a ‘ness’ much greater than words.

Geez I’m getting a bit woo woo (you know that’s where I like to camp) so I’ll get to the point, shall I?

Rox is a great friend of mine and a talented artist. She’s been with me as I launched this business and has supported me through my return to NZ. Now meet Melissa. More commonly known in this context as Granny. Granny has been given a diagnosis that’s pretty hard to swallow. The rest of her whānau decided to make some art together by capturing their connections while she’s feeling well.

And boy did Granny come to the party.

Turns out not only is Melissa hella photogenic, she also has an appreciation for the craft itself as her own father was an amateur photographer. She tells me she remembers having conversations (as I was nestling her in a rock crevice, away from direct light) about positioning people to be backlit and it being challenged – her reply was this is exactly what you do!

Granny gets me.

She also seemed intentional. She connected with every single person. You can see, then stick around –

If you’ve made it this far, thanks for staying with me. It was such an honour to take these photographs. I know that I will be doing something similar when it’s my family going through this. This is your reminder to hold those you love close. And if you need something like this, get in touch.

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