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why a beach session for your family shoot is golden

When thinking of a family photoshoot, you might not have considered the beach if you are not a ‘beach person.’ But here’s why a beach setting might be just what you need if you’re looking for natural, emotive and artistic images.

windy wellington.

Wind is nature’s giant fan studios charge through the nose for. Ok, granted, the above image is not a studio glamour shot. It’s far better: it’s real! A classic, ‘Wellington photoshoot’ moment of being almost blown off a cliff. I mean, these are the pix that get framed in my family.

the MESSy play.

There’s no way around it, so you have to go through it – the mess! It’s where the magic happens. Throwing sand, splashing your sister, embracing the mess helps you to relax into your natural family dynamic. Play is a lifetime endeavour, but never so ‘allowed’ as when your kids are young. Use this as a way to connect with your child and come prepared to be led by them. It’s so much easier (and photogenic) than getting cross with them when they don’t hold a smile.

get set to get wet (Cheers Porirua pools)

Let’s get wet guys. Kick off your shoes, let your ‘Sunday best’ ripple in the wind as your feet flick wet sand on your delighted toddler.

OR how about this? If you have a couple of moody pre-teens like I do, let them sit demurely in the shallow waves and have them believe they’ll have their own Instagram accounts one day (keep dreaming kid) to post how evolved they are.

it’s just flopping beautiful

It’s all in the heading and in some ways, this should be the first point! Beaches are beautiful. They’re more than visually satisfying, they promote peace and perspective. Even more so, if you are actually a beach PERSON then this reflects who you are and perhaps what your family like to do together.

Beaches be crazy. Crazy beautiful.

If this is what you’re into (cue Flight of the Concords) flick me an email, can’t wait to meet you.

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